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I'm FujoshiTings or Riza Masuyama, リ—ザ 増山 (she/her) and I am a writer and blogger of BL (Boys Love) content! The majority of my content is intended for adult audiences, so if you are not of age, turn back now. Otherwise, these tabs provide links and more information for my original works, fan fiction, and BL review blog.

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Commissions and gifted works

Commissions are available upon special request! For examples of past commissions, click on the different images to be taken to an excerpt. For more details click here!

All About FujoshiTings

My first original novella, The Burdens We Hide is posted to Tapas, Neovel, and Scribble Hub for free, along with my other stories! For NSFW extras and illustrations, check the Support tab♡

The inspiration for my own work and fics comes from my love of Boys Love! I've been a fujo since 2019 after watching/reading series like Hitorijime My Hero, Super Lovers, and so many more! You can check out my review blog for reviews of different BL and sites/apps to read BL on.

Support and Contact

By day I am a graduate student, so if you like what I do comments and shares, help me stay inspired and give me motivation to keep creating! (The first Twitter link is to my BL fan account and the second Twitter link is to my writing account!)